Hung Nghiep Iron and Steel Co., Ltd Formosa Ha Tinh (Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation, FHS) received the Investment Certificate on June 12, 2008. Currently, Duong Duong project is a direct investment project from The biggest foreign investor (FDI) in Vietnam with the plan to invest in Vung Ang Economic Zone in Ha Tay province, to build Son Duong International Deepwater Port, capable of receiving ships weighing about 200,000 tons. , The closed iron and steel factory and Nàh When the plant comes into operation, the number of employees to be recruited in the related professions can be up to 100 thousand people. This investment project creates an important transport, economic and energy infrastructure in Vietnam, which will contribute to turning Vung Ang Economic Zone into a central

Here are some interior images provided by Vivian to Samsung Engineering in Formosa Ha Tinh.